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Spoilers ahoy!

I'm soooo confuuuused....

I've kinda given up on understanding how the heck time is supposed to work in this series. Why does the Pilgrim only get one shot at each of them, yet Rip can take his team all over the place chasing after Vandal Savage? What happened to Time Masters not upsetting the timeline with their handy dandy scanner that says if someone's important? Jax & Stein (and before that, Stein and Ronnie), Len, Mick, Ray, and Kendra have all played instrumental parts in Barry's life (including saving him or Cisco), so taking them out any earlier than when they were recruited already plays havoc with the timeline. I understand Sara has played an instrumental role in Oliver's life (I haven't watched much of Arrow so I don't know specifically if she saved his life or was just another woman fridged for manpain), so same for her.

Then, there's the thing about "hardening" of the timeline. Star City 2046 was confusing enough - Star City became a apoca-city because the Legends weren't there to help Oliver?? It was a "malleable" future that hadn't set yet, so they were supposed to be able to go home to 2016 eventually and make sure that future doesn't come to pass. So any future now that the Legends' past selves have been removed should be malleable and not set, right? Which means it won't matter if they kill Savage since the future will be different once they get the babies back...?

Also, if Stein missing his meeting with Clarissa caused him to instantly lose his ring, and the time pirate being killed in the past led to him instantly vanishing, shouldn't the removal of the babies cause an instant change to the future, rather than having a period of time Rip now gives for them to reach Savage?

Argh - I'm just going to ignore the timey wimey issues and focus on the good parts, which include:
- Sara saying that Len would be the baby with horns, then cooing at his chubby cheeks.
- Sara and Kendra sparring, and Sara saying "who wants open and honest communications in a relationship? Bleh!"
- crying about Sara and Det. Lance, because they have such a cute father-daughter relationship.
- Jax! Finally getting some character development that isn't him rolling his eyes at the others, usually Ray (though he has admittedly some of the best reactions on the show).
- Len holding baby Len and smiling (OMG!!!!).
- Len getting a little time with Lisa (ugh, though we didn't get to see it on screen - c'mon! they could've had a kid stand in if adult Lisa's actress had other commitments)
- Mick: driving in the knife each time he's in the same room with Len, then going around trying to make sure baby Len is taken care of. "Future criminal partner." (I was expecting him to say "future criminal husband.") Teen!Mick holding baby!Len.
- Baby Len. BABY LEN. Full stop.

A few major WTF things:
- You gave a newborn baby to two teenagers to look after???? (with no supplies, either)
- Also, you time traveled with two teenagers and three babies in the cargo hold unrestrained????? OMG....
- The Pilgrim is bulletproof but can be cut by a knife????

All in all, I can forgive a lot when there's a baby Len being cooed over by the team. But I'll have to see if more intelligent people are able to figure out how time works in this series, cuz at this point all I can do is draw circles on whiteboards and hand waving.

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Hahahaha, don't get me started on the crappy time things going on with this show, I don't even understand it. Like, okay, Len's birthday is officially the same as Miller's, because it's an easter egg, but that means the little!Len we met in the second episode should have been like...what, three? And according to Jax's birthday, he should be approximately 22, although in the Russia episode, Stein said that Jax hadn't hit 21 yet. So...I'm just going to ignore everything the show says about their birthdays and go by actor ages.

I loved everything about Jax and his dad, and ugh, the way Mick hated himself so much, it really tore me up. Sara is just awesome no matter what--but the one that really surprised me was little Rip. That dude was a scrapper.

The only thing I can think about the Pilgrim being stabbed was that she had to have simply, IDK, forgotten he was there? Since all through the ep, she was avoiding bullets and stuff through time manipulation, and she didn't realize that little Rip was a threat?

I don't know, dude, this show is such a mess, but I love the characters too much to quit.
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