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I feel like we missed a scene where Mick and Len reconcile? All of a sudden they're back to sitting next to each other on the Waverider, standing next to each other, referencing past heists, etc. Since Len is now wearing a new pinky ring, should we assume the missing scene included an exchange of jewelry...?

Mick being sassy is terrific fun.

Jax is awesome and adorable - his compassion for the refugees, his excitement in cheering on Ray, he's just such a cinnamon roll. Also, he's pretty good with the motivational yelling - call back to his roots on the football field.

I kept waiting for Savage's daughter to turn Trojan Horse, since it seemed way to easy how they caught her,and then her telling them that she knew who they were and who she was.... The actress also played her character as very smug. My head canon is that she really actually suspected that Savage was evil and wanted to find out more about these enemies he seemed actually afraid of, so she let herself be captured and intentionally revealed the information so she could draw out their info. BUT, once they got Savage, she should've totally taken over like Per Degaton did after killing his father - parallel that story line, except she takes over and does good with her power. *sigh* C'mon guys, it makes much more sense than for her to join the rebels who still have zero firepower against the mightiest army in the world. Hm, I suppose she could still be a plant, since that's what a plant would do.

Len being flippant about his trauma is so painful to watch. But he continues to be the most mesmerizing person on the screen, and I can't tear my eyes away.

Kendra: oh ffs, why?????????
Carter continues to be unlikeable and generally a non-entity to me, so I am all for Kendra killing Savage, and letting this Carter live his own life without 4000 years of memories.

*sigh* at least this time they took him with them (though, for real? This secret bunker of Savage's seems as leaky as a sieve if the team can just waltz in and out as they please with their kidnap victims).

ETA: How did Rip not know she was Savage's daughter if the rebel knew her on sight? You'd think Rip would know just as much as the rebel, especially since this is his time.

Date: 2016-05-02 03:28 am (UTC)
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oh man oh man, I finally brought myself to watch this episode, and I hated almost everything about it except for Jax. And Ray turning into giant Ray was pretty cool. Even Len!! My favorite!! Just seemed horribly off. IDK. I just want Savage and Carter to go away? And have Booster Gold instead of Rip Hunter? APPARENTLY I JUST WANT TO CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW EXCEPT FOR LEN. And Sara, because she's the second most awesome.

Date: 2016-05-02 03:10 pm (UTC)
lunesque: The face of a pale girl with dark hair. Faded text. (Default)
From: [personal profile] lunesque
Yes, to all of this. We are brain twins.

(although I seriously expect Carter to stay, because if he doesn't, how can they have the love triangle with Kendra and Ray that they so obviously want?)

At this point, I just want to see Sara in the captain's chair, I want to see Len's hero moment, and I want to see Barry on screen with Len for more than five minutes. My standards have sunk that low.


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