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OMG!!!!. Wow.

Thank goodness for the promo, and thank goodness there’ll be a new episode tomorrow, because if that’d been the ep before a hiatus (or, worse, the season finale), I don’t think I’d be able to handle it.

I’m here for the relationships, so I was generally pretty happy with the episode.

The main complaint I have is that the writers seriously couldn’t even keep their dubious science consistent for one episode!! I mean, the first scene they set it up and say that the hologram doesn’t work indoors, and then the confrontation with Rupture takes place… indoors. HELLO??

My heart just kept breaking for Barry throughout this episode - he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders, and no one to take any of the burden. When he told Henry that every time he gets a bit of happiness it gets taken away from him, I just hurt for him. (And also I am so afraid that someone’s going to die in the finale, and while it would be horrible for any of them to die, since I so love all of them, I am particularly afraid it’s going to be Henry, because he comes back to Central to be with Barry - that’ll just be even worse.)

I feel like Joe's been abdicating his parental responsibility - I mean, it's all well and good to recognize that Barry's an adult and can make his own decisions, but he's still looking to you for guidance and affirmation. Letting him make his own decisions doesn't mean not trying to reason with him or never disagreeing with him. Then telling him "you got to live with it" was both flip and harsh.

I enjoyed the Cisco and Dante show - I liked that they had so many references to things that happened in prior episodes, from Cisco’s letter to the kidnapping, and they did it in a very natural way with how the brothers interacted.

Barry & Iris both just have the worst timing ever - his confession to her when she was about to move in with her long-time boyfriend, and her confession to him when he’s focused on whether or not to take what was possibly a suicide mission. I didn’t like how the writers framed this - Barry’s decision not to use the accelerator had enough basis (fear that other people could be affected if it’s not contained) that they didn’t need to bring in whether or not Iris loved him without powers or not. And that it was because other people were killed by Zoom that he decided the theoretical risk to others is worth it when Zoom is actually killing people and no one can stop him but the Flash.

I hurt so much for Barry and how he doesn't think he's worthwhile without his powers, so I can understand why they'd want Iris to affirm that she loves him regardless. But it just felt a little manipulative right then - like she’s saying she couldn’t stand it if he was hurt again, and she loved him even without powers, so don’t do it. The way he said “why are you telling me this now” was so painful, like he was torn apart by it.

I would’ve preferred that she confessed after he makes the decision to use the accelerator - it not intended to affect his decision, but it gives him comfort that if it doesn’t work she’ll still love him. And they can kiss because he’s not completely distracted by the decision he needs to make. (At the same time, it was a very affecting scene, and the actors totally killed it.)

I felt like there needed to be more hugs before Barry went into the accelerator. Lots more hugs. ALL the hugs. Everyone should've gotten a hug. Maybe a forehead kiss. Why were there no hugs???

I had a pretty major quibble with Harry & the accelerator - informed consent, Harry! I feel like they didn’t spend any time talking about how the dark matter would be contained (like, it would’ve been nice if Harry wanted to convince Barry to do it, for him to explain the precautions he taking and why they are more than what was done previously, and the calcs to show why it’d be safe, since that was Barry’s major concern). Then, he doesn’t mention the clamps until Barry’s locked in (and, good grief, mind totally went into the gutter at that). Finally, why the hell did Harry inject like 4 liters of chemicals into Barry? He was working on analysis that night, not chugging his chemicals! It’d make more sense if Harry just splashed Barry with the chemicals, but of course they were going for pretty visuals rather than any kind of logical consistency.

And wow, the aftermath… the devastation on everyone’s faces.

NEED MOAR HUGS. Can't wait for the next ep.


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