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An episode where almost all of the cast (except poor Caitlin - I hope she gets to smash Hunter’s face in at some point) gets to do something interesting and important, where the team is desperately searching for Barry, and Barry is trying desperately to get home. Lots of yay & flailing while watching.

Everyone’s so horrified by what happened - Cisco’s the only one who can even think.

One nitpick - why would Harry call Jesse to tell her to come down? She’s supposed to be locked in with Wally.

I’m really sad that no one else expressed any concern for Jesse as she is lying on the ground possibly dying. Seriously??? (I mean, Wally just spent however many hours locked up with her, and not even a look over at her in concern?) Or anyone saying something comforting to Harry. I’m really weirded out by how the team has been isolating Harry/ treating him like a pariah, not just in this episode (b/c ok, disintegrating Barry is a pretty good reason for people to be upset at him) but in the prior ones, too. I want to go back and watch the last few eps again, because it seems like there’s a lot of unwarranted hostility. I mean, yes, he stole Barry’s speed, but Barry then went to E-2 with him, and things seemed to be going well for a while once Harry got Jesse back. And before that Barry was seeking him out for advice and hugging him when the breach grenade worked. Hm, did Barry going back in time change more things than just Hartley’s relationship with the team?

Grant Gustin continues to kill it. The look on his face as he wanders down the stairs and sees the crime scene tape, then when “Joe” asks him how he feels… Though, seriously, Speed Force, if you want him to feel comfortable this is really not the right place/time. Throughout I kept thinking that the Speed Force was damn creepy and kept wondering if it’d all turn out to be Eobard Thawne. And why does it keep telling Barry to sit?

I’m with Cisco: a zombie? For real?
Go Iris - I laughed when she pushed Cisco right back behind her.

Joe gave Harry a pep talk!!! And it worked!!! (Henry’s hostility is palpable, though; he can hardly look at Harry.)

Iris is so excited to be doing something - and Joe’s been worn down so much by his three kids and their risk-takings ways that he’s just going to give in.

Joe, the serial mug killer. Iris’ glare was hilarious.
I can’t believe the Joe sent Wally to his room. I can’t believe Wally went.

And they really just need to tell Wally. TELL HIM. It’s Iris Redux, and it was stupid then, too. There’s no reason not to - he’s already been used as a hostage against Barry, and this is the third time a meta’s come to Joe’s house, where Wally lives. He’s got all the pieces to put it together, so it’d be so much better to just tell him than to let him figure it out.

Um, how far is Star Labs from Joe’s house? Wouldn’t it be a better idea if Joe followed them in his car, just in case something happened along the way? But go Iris - completely fearless!

Barry at Nora’s grave just kills me. And then he has to see her. Any time Barry cries b/c of Nora I just completely fall apart. And then when he recites the book, my heart just breaks for him, because that’s something that his mom probably read to him twenty years ago, and he still remembers it.

I’m not sure I like what the speed force is saying, though - “Accept/stop fighting the bad things in your life, b/c life’s gonna send you a helluva lot more”???

So much love for when Barry just closes his eyes, reaches out, and grabs the Flash. And the Flash has that challenging, fierce grin on his face. So intriguing that Grant plays them so differently. Barry’s been so beaten down the last couple eps, without his powers. Such a contrast with the Flash.

Cisco’s “I’m glad you’re back because we’re about to die” and Barry’s reaction: perfect. They both have such comic timing. Grant is a perfect foil for Carlos.

I’m loving the Harry & Cisco duets these last two episodes. They’re so in sync and Harry’s faces of hilarity are amazing.

Henry's probably like, I gotta be here so I can keep an eye on you, kid. Barry leaning on him and Henry hugging him is so heart-achingly sweet.

Barry & Iris holding hands at Nora’s grave!!! And… was that a kiss? It kinda looked like Barry kissed her cheek when she went in for the hug. So adorable. Now if only I had faith that TPTB could write a healthy romantic relationship.

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