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Ha - three years after I opened this account I'm finally posting, and it's because I've totally fallen into the rabbit hole of the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Wenworth Perfect Miller. I totally binged on Prison Break in order to see more of WM, and now I just started watching Dinotopia so I can see young WM fly a dinosaur.

I also adore Grant Gustin, but his body of past work is pretty limited, and I think I've now seen most all of it (except that movie where he has a mustache, because, well, just NO on the mustache, kid), including all the singing/dancing from his time at Elon, so there's less obsessive TV watching that can be done (at this point I'm just playing the Flash episodes on repeat and waiting for new eps).

Anyone watch the new LOT?

I can't be a critical TV watcher when I am completely absorbed in watching Wentworth Perfect Miller and his poor bruised face being smirky and handling his gun (not a euphemism, though it was probably just about as lust-inducing to watch him and his beautiful hands deftly flipping a six-shooter as to watch something nsfw) and saving his teammates' lives all over the place.

There are a whole bunch of things that I find completely screwy about the premise of LOT - I mean, going into the future to kill Vandal Savage doesn't make any sense to me, since wouldn't it just be a possible future in the same way that Star City 2046 is just a possible future? They kill him, return home, then someone makes a choice somewhere and a different alternate future branches out from that choice, and Vandal Savage would be alive in that future...? And of course all that screwing around in the past -- the people they killed in this ep could be the ancestor of someone important in the future.

BUT, when the episode gives me Len in his black outfit and cowboy hat, leaning on things (Oh my word, the leaning on the console with one leg propped up exposing his inner thigh...), swaggering and handling rifles and guns... yeah, pretty much all my higher brain functions shut down.

It broke my heart that Len and Mick are still so distant with each other - literally. I don't think I saw them next to each other in any scene. I adore Sara (whew, and her ability to knock back alcohol) and her attempt to connect with Mick.

I am not very invested in the Ray/Kendra romance (ugh, also I hated Carter, so not really buying Kendra's wishy-washy flip-flopping), so the entire part where Kendra meets past!Kendra was just kind of meh to me. But I loved Sara and Kendra's road trip on horses.

And also the entire episode I was like, Rip and Jonah were totally boning in Calvert. There's no way the writers could've been unaware how their conversation sounded like Jonah was a jilted ex that Rip still held dear in his heart.

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