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2016-04-21 09:33 am

The Flash 2x18 Versus Zoom

Reactions and spoilers under the cut:

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2016-04-15 10:45 am

Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, and Wentworth Miller

Ha - three years after I opened this account I'm finally posting, and it's because I've totally fallen into the rabbit hole of the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Wenworth Perfect Miller. I totally binged on Prison Break in order to see more of WM, and now I just started watching Dinotopia so I can see young WM fly a dinosaur.

I also adore Grant Gustin, but his body of past work is pretty limited, and I think I've now seen most all of it (except that movie where he has a mustache, because, well, just NO on the mustache, kid), including all the singing/dancing from his time at Elon, so there's less obsessive TV watching that can be done (at this point I'm just playing the Flash episodes on repeat and waiting for new eps).

Anyone watch the new LOT?

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2012-10-31 01:35 am

dipping a toe in

Not sure yet how this works, so just dipping a toe in and starting to add people to my circles. Nothing to see here yet - just a quick hi and hopefully more to come later.